Carnival Wax de Brothers of Brazil

Letra da musica Carnival Wax de Brothers of Brazil

Carnival Wax
Carnival Wax

I have this perfume
That can take you to the moon
It's a little trick to seduce
No refuse, no refuse, no refuse, no refuse

It's the Carnival wax
That fills the air
It's the Carnival spell
That smells so well, that melts so well
So well

What a smell (I kind of like it)
So well (gives me the goose bumps)
It swells (so lovely) (so well)
Is this sensation
This irradiation
An inspiration, infatuation, a fascination
Is the sexual attraction (can you tell it baby?)
It's a wonderful attraction
It's a strange attraction
It's the carnival wax
It's the carnival wax

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