Get Out Of My Way de Davi Braga

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Get Out Of My Way
Get Out Of My Way

[Verse 1]
You had your chance
Now it's my turn
Baby what you did
Made me feel so burn
I gave you the keys
From my house and car
Also gave you the keys
To open my heart
You told me a huge fib
I can't believe in what you did
You stole everything
Now I got nothing

It was so fast
I couldn't see what you where doing
Now it's all past
And I'll keep moving

You took all the things I had
It was so bad
But now I raise my head
And you'll pack your bags
I don't care what you have to say
With me you won't stay
Don't make me call the police
Just get out of my way

[2x Bridge]
Get out, get out
Of my way
Get out, get out
You will not stay

[Verse 2]
You're now saying 'Damm!'
'Cuz didn't work your plan
Don't look into my eyes
'Cuz I know that you lie
I think it's just a shame
It's all your blame
You said that you feel the same
Now I know, it was just a game
I thougth that you were the one
But now I see what you have done


[2x Bridge]

[Verse 3]
-Baby, please, give me another try!
-Stop your tears, stop your cry.
-Let me, at least, explain!
-I won't let you, it's all your blame!
-Come on, let's just talk.
-Get out of this place, 'cuz this I bought!
-Oh boy, what it's all about?
-No more talking. Just get out!

[2x Chorus]

[3x Bridge]

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