Love Myself de Davi Braga

Letra da musica Love Myself de Davi Braga

Love Myself
Love Myself

[Verse 1]
A ghost appeared in my nightmare
And said to me: Beware!
She is not the one for you
She won't do the things the way you want to
I woke up and thought:
She makes me laugh
Also makes me cry
Sometimes I think
That I should say 'Goodbye'
Is not her blame
But I don't know how to explain

I'm almost going, going, going, going
Too far away
And if it's raining, raining, raining, raining
I change my way
Maybe she is loving, loving, loving, loving
Someone else
So I'm going, going, going, going
To love myself

[Verse 2]
She never had time for me
Even a blind could see
She was always busy
This way for her was so easy
No time for be lazy
No, I'm not crazy
I just wanna live my life
I just got enough lies

[2x Chorus]

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