Not Of This Earth de Deicide

Letra da musica Not Of This Earth de Deicide

Not Of This Earth
Not Of This Earth

Not of this earth, unknown and forgotten by time,
Evil in nature with power of flight,
Not of this earth lurking the shadows for flesh,
Sent from the heavens descending with death,
Snatching the weak from this world, gone from the night and to never be heard,
Ominous figure of blood upon us feed,
Creeping the darkness unfurl, venting it's self with a Murderous thirst,
Abomination of birth,
Not of this earth....
Not of this earth, unseen by the science of man,
Of it's existence they don't understand,
Not of this earth, nowhere will it ever be found,
Patiently stalking and hunting us down.....
Demonic prophet of doom, waking from death with a hunger in sue,
From hibernation of time released to feast,
Into the night it will search, spreading it's wings and expelling it's curse,
A silhouette of the perverse,
Not of this earth...
Not of this earth, all those who fail to believe, likely succumb and become the unseen,
Not of this earth, heed not as you look in the sky, you may be next in a long line to die...
Stink of the relents of death, stripping the bodies of all of their flesh
Regenerating inside the vile beast,
Mutilate what it has left, drained of the blood and discarded for dead,
Kill you and not speak not a word,
Not of this earth...

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