Stake In The Heart de Demented Are Go

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Stake In The Heart
Stake In The Heart

I thought it was love
You should've seen her
A gothic bitch with schitzophrenia
But i guess it's all over now

Yeah she thought i was a vampire
A web of poison she took me in there
Hypnotised with her loves, lies, deceit

Stake in the heart
Mistake from the start
Thought it was love never ending
The stakes too high the price my life
She took an axe and she went crazy

She took me back to her padded cell
Opened the door and said welcome to hell
But i guess it's only me to blame

She tied me up for a night of passion
All my fears were forgotten
But the stake came down
My life blood flowed away

Now i lie on the sofa bleeding
That gothic bitch she starts cleaning
As the stake came down
She dusts away

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