propped up at the pulpit
a speech to please the poles
with coca-cola
trickling down my throat
well would you save all of your bottles
if I promised a refund
its gonna come
I swear I swear I swear I swear
that it is

if you've got a special interest
there is influence I could sell
just like water takes the shape of where it is held
I'm overflowing with ambition
but I got to keep in mind
the bottom line
is the dollar signs
and big bright lights
inequality franchised
the next location is mine
we're gonna lower costs
it's a work of art
our giant golden arch

I'm gonna start a factory
the size of a country
I'm gonna teach them all
to work for liberty oh
but I'm not one for handouts
no they got to pay their dues
they can make our shoes
and then we'll walk on you
always on the move
we heard that business will boom
if some people are removed
I know there's all body types
but we have just one size
i don't care if its right

it's the dollar signs
and the big bright lights
inequality franchised
every location is mine
you just do your part
form a line lets march
under the golden arch

march march march march

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