I usually dont do this on tha first night.
Hold on...what chu want me to do wit that?
Damn, Im at it again.
This dude approached me slowly
n told me his name was Jody
n his homiez say he kno me
cuz he used to fuck wit Tony
Say he wanna get to kno me
got sum things he wanna sho me
would I be his tendaroni
told me call him when Im lonely
then I took a couple digits
feelin tipsey off tha liqour
ya her titties might be bigger but my ass a little thicker
n they lyk em my weight my shape my size
my height my lips my hips n my thighs

(drop it)Bitch u a hoe
(drop it)Nigga u a hoe
(drop it)Bitch u a hoe
(drop it)U actin lyk a hoe
*repeat 3 times

I see my cousin comin
he probly up to somethin
look at him wit sum chickenhead face kno he frontin
I aint the one to gossp now you aint heard it from me
but that chick that he was mackin is really a he
n look at her came out the house lookin that crazy
talkin bout she got on baby phat
thats juss fat baby
you had a cup or two
well thats enough for you
but let him buy you one more drink before you cut him lose
so gon flirt a lil bit
n make him think you feelin him
n smile at him wink your eyes n make him think he gettin sum
before he kno you by tha door
see you already out tha door
you wont be home till after four
gon proly stop at Callicos
pull up on tha parkin lot
n by this time its barkin hot
you circle back around the block n take the handicapped spot
n ya you might juss get a ticket
hell wit it you tryin to kick it
more than likely if you get tha digits she gon let you hit it

(drop it)Bitch u a hoe
(drop it)Nigga u a hoe
(drop it)Bitch u a hoe
(drop it)U actin lyk a hoe
*repeat 3 times

After tha club you proly tryin to take somebody home
I guess you better keep it on tha low dont want your cover blown
n so you better make it kown before they play tha last song
cuz you aint tryin to spend tha night alone
right or wrong
got money in your pocket then take it out n throw it
n put your hands up in tha air if you tha shyt n kno it
this cat up in my face breath smellin lyk sum shyt
teeth lookin lyk he been biten a bag of bricks
he talkin bout girl you think I told that nigga you dont get your funky breath up out my face gon be sum shyt dont make me ticked
dont ask me for my name n you dont need to kno my number n dont worry if i got my big ol booty from my momma
its tha last call for alcohol n im juss tryin to have a ball
n aint worried bout nothin at all
I almost tripped but played it off
the djs spinnin tha last record
by this time they half naked
same place same time 2marrow theyll be back at it

(drop it)Bitch u a hoe
(drop it)Nigga u a hoe
(drop it)Bitch u a hoe
(drop it)U actin lyk a hoe
*repeat 3 times
drop it (18 times)

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