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Jimmy Crack Corn
Jimmy Crack Corn

[50 Cent] Man, let's go
[Eminem] Ayo Fif'
[50 Cent] Yeah
[Eminem] Come on en tell 'em, it's time to hate us again, we're back
[50 Cent] Haha

Jimmy can Crack Corn, but I don't care
My enemies Crack Corn, but I don't care
You can be black, white or albino, yeah
You can have corn rows inside your hair
I give a fuck if I don't like your stare
This bottle of wine goes upside your head
A little bit psycho, but I know that
Think you just don't say it, then I won't say it
See if you don't brag, then I don't brag
I know I'm bad, as long as I know I'm bad
I don't need y'all to co-sign no shit
You can just keep makin' them tired old threats
A little bit like the boy you cried wolf, yeah
See me, but don't dare to try no shit
'Cause you know that somewhere inside those layers
A rattlesnake's right there to bite your ass
And I can be so quiet and strike so fast
Like lightning bolts right out the sky go blah
From outta nowhere, you might find your career
Come to it err... and I was like "oh yeah"

See us on them award shows, we're like (Oh yeah)
Can we get more of those, they're like (Oh yeah)
See us keep blowin' up, we're like (Oh yeah)
See Jimmy can Crack Corn, but I don't care
See me in your videos, I'm like (Oh yeah)
See me right up close, you're like (Oh Em)
And where is D-12 at, they're like (We over here)
And where the fuck we goin', well like (Nowhere)

Jealous little fucks beg for my attention but
I done told you once, I'm not the kind of attention you want
If I tell you twice, then I won't be so nice
If you keep comin' back, it only means you know you lost a fight
They wanna talk shit, let 'em talk shit, 'cause they talk shit
Knowin' deep down, they really just wanna squash it
'Cause no one wants to walk around, steppin' in dog shit
And get doo-doo on the shoe again, as soon as they washed it
But the pride won't let 'em, inside's like 'go get 'em'
And I'm just like 'why your tryna fight momentum?'
We just keep winnin', by landslides oh and umm
Shady Limited is in any size yo' Denim
To velour, even our clothing line's on fire
As 50 would say 'Our clothing line's on Fiyaa''
Meanwhile your mind's on us, like mine's on Mariah
And y'all is just like her, you're all fucking liars
But I just keep fucking you, like I fucked her
right in the ass with KY, yes sir!
So full of joy, why am I absurd
Even Chingy would tell you
'Yeah boy don't curr'


[50 Cent]
Ya homie got clapped on, man I don't care
The cops in my Nana crib, but I'm not there
It is what it is dawg, man life's not fair
Ya friends shoulda know not to front 'round here
You see kid, where I'm from, the wolves smell fear
They'll strip yo' ass off your jewels, right here
Man I'ma say this one time, now get this clear
Man you can catch a hot one like outta nowhere
A beautiful day, without drama is rare
Ya girl's a freak, man sometime we share
Yeah, I wear a condom and you go bare
You prolly heard about me, I'm a shown up playa
In the hood politicin', like I'm runnin' for mayor
ridin', winding, dining and shining, know what I'm sayin'?
I ain't got time for fucking around, and horseplayin'
I'm making hits, my homies takin' hits, who's staying


[Eminem] Haha
[50 Cent] Yeah
[Eminem] It's The Re-Up
[50 Cent] Ha ha
[Eminem] God, I love it
I know you hate that laugh, don't you? Haha
Keep doing it
[50 Cent] Do it again
[Eminem] What?
[50 Cent] Laugh
[Eminem] Oh, ha haaaa!
[50 Cent] I like that, ha ha
[Eminem] Haha haha
[50 Cent] Hehe
[Eminem] You gonna think I'm really crazy, right?

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