Sex is a very fine thing,
It makes your dick go bling, bling, bling
It makes your mind go ding, ding, ding



I don't do it
K...maybe once or twice,
Fine we fuck like mice,
But at least I don't got pubic lice (like Bush)
But hey? what can i say,
Ja's gay, like fuckin MJ

Chorus 1:

Now sex is a beautiful fuckin' thing
Girl I wanna fuck u, no rubber on, with your panties on, wit' a hole big enough for my dick to fit
While kissin', ypo' tongue gettin' bit
Very lightly at first
Then more intense?
Feel dat explosion ripplin through you
That cum be dense (laughin)
Like an ocean wave
Sperm be surfin an ocean wave in
You have conception,
but say goodbye to me if you's be a shootin up
I'ma put a bullet thru yo' head (pop pop)
Leave you in our room
At the hotel
Where eva we be in,
Sex isnt sin,
But bein fine as you sure is,
so if you face me in tha night,
I mite lose ma site,
Turn around
Bend down and hike up that skirt,
Cuz we here all night,
Here let me rip off that shirt?
Foh ya
Oh yah
Oh yah
Oh yah


2 months later
O shit
I ain't ready for this shit
What is this shit?
You havin a fuckin baby!
I ain't ready for this shit!
Fuck shit!
Hot shit!
I hate shit!
But now I think bout it I got clap
An' you was the only one I fucked without a condom on,
An I see now as we were layin in bed
Shit was goin through our head,
Shit we couldn't say
And shit we couldnt do
But how could you,
Not tell me
You were sickly
Fuck you!
You ruined the life of that baby you got there in your gut
But I'm no mutt
While I had a few fucks that night at the beach
I wore rubber
Don't you see?
It was you
not me!
I hate you!

(Bridge to chorus)


Yah I am pregnant
And yah I have sex
But this is the first time its got this far,
And the fuck you doin
Blamin it all on me
It was you havin sex at the beach not me!
You coulda picked up the clap from one of the hos,
You was fuckin with your nose,
It was you
You couldnt contain the pang in your hose,
You ripped off my pantie hoes,
And hit me with a strap,
Made me wear that fuckin hat,
Had me actin like a cat
While you was dressed as bat----man
Now the shits hit the fan,
and we needa get help............


We aint gonna die
We can't die,
We too young to die,
I ain't gonna float up to the sky
Just to plummet back down
When I reach the gate
Girl you feedina hate,
And yah so wat,
I fucked like a dog,
But at least I wasnt fuckin with hogs,
I'ma hit you on the nog-----in till you realize you needa sit the fuck down!
You ain't no clown
Thats why I wear this frown
Gonna drown you
You motherfuckin hound!


Now wait jes a minute,
As I already said
The shit has hit the fan,
But all you gotta do is take it like a man,
Turn That frown
Upside down!


This ain't no joke!



What the fuck,
What a lame line,
Whoeva sed shit
Has not had a hard time
Like a fuckin pantomime,
Girl to save your skin,
Go to the clinic,
Get an incision,
Take that fetus out,
Fuck you
Don't pout,
Take that shit out,
You lazy lout,
Or else I'ma rip it out,
Kick it out,
God knows you got it comin to yah
Doe rae me fah so lah......
Throw your body on the lawn,
Hear the crows caw,
While you feebly wave your hand to keep em away from your eyes,
And your cries fill the skies,
And i laugh till my laughs turn to tears,
And I realize shit ain't bad as shit appears,
And now cops be huntin me like dog's
Feedin my fears,
Addin to my fears
And now I'm in a bar,
Drownin my tears,
In a coupla beers

(bridge to chorus)

(chorus x2)


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