Shining de Flat'n Sharp

Letra da musica Shining de Flat'n Sharp


You waiting for a perfect day, but you know
All the things are hards to my soul
You living for a perfect...liar and cold free
Nothing is true to me
Living on the liar

You save me day after day but you know
My confusions are stupids to your soul
You kiding with...all my good fellings
All my hope

And you make me runni'in circles and
Lost all my good friends please dont' stop me
I wanna race wirh the sundow
I wanna shake oh, oh, oh...

You can't keep me here
I'll the other side
Where i can live another life
Just alone and shining.....

You don't understand me 2x
Never understand me, never so and i and so
I desist

So you don't believe in my words
It's complicated, very complicated

And i wanna living on my own
Only in my good defence
Spread your wings and fly with me
Only good times today

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