The Battle Of Stiklestad de Glittertind

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The Battle Of Stiklestad
The Battle Of Stiklestad

Deep in our heathen hearts,
Grows hatred against the Christian foes.
I see they increase in numbers,
By their lies. threats and terror.

Missionaries of the "good cause",
It's our soil on which you step.
You better stay away from us,
Or else you will regret.

Go on and smash other cultures,
Which believes in something, you will never understand.
Kill children to baptise parent,
So people see you're doing bad while doing "good".

Now dragon-ships are ready to battle, and hordes of heathens ready to destroy.
The ancient wisdom and glorious knowlegde, shall never be forgotten.

Stiklestad will be our destination,
Fly your flags now brothers.
Be with us tonight!

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