you stalked all those years
waiting to pounce
like mary, you'd comfort
then judas, renounce
seeking some light of guidance
i saw your dagger glint

and boy did you kick
when i hit the floor
your fake sympathy
kicked my ears even more
growing rich from my toil
like i worked in your shop

the good old days you used
to bind me like rope
dragged me through traitor's gate
talking of hope
my cards you revealed
when i was winning the game

you shot me with arrows
from nostalgias bow
the rules to this sick game
only you seemed to know
from 'high' all the time then
to stooping this low

you played at being my friend now confess
how you gagged with envy, swallowing my success
you laughed loud, i was finished
when i laid down to rest
my weakness, your banquet
how your table's been blessed
i need all your hurt
like a hole in my head

i gave you one thousand
percent of my trust
and my most private feelings
for you, i would defrost
i crowned you with light
maybe too hastily

there was never a problem
who took and who gave
but you killed off our friendship
so let it rot in its grave
the bed is so stoney
when innocence dies

you held your nose and
through ambition you'd wade
how can you dig for gold
when your spade's not a spade?
you suffered in silence
in full combat stance
'et tu brute' you stabbed
me when you saw your chance
i need all of your hurt
like a hole in my head

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