like a stone i drop through the breaking storm
up through the star-filled sky i soar
still more, i want more
left out in the cold and in fever's grip
then your warmth returns, it's the strangest trip
i want more, still more

i'm enruptured and bathed in blinding light
thunder rolls under the covers tonight
come here, i want more

in the pillows i'm smothered, a crime of lust
now i'm reborn by your love, and i must
have more, still more

at the limit, my heartbeat a pounding drum
i'm lost in the fog, then the clear light comes
i want more

utterly peaceful in your hand
fires extinguished, then flames again
come here, i want more, throw me off the rails

show me the way
however far
shoot me over the zenith
do what you must
don't spare me
don't hold back anything
i never will be cured
i want still more
more cannot be enough

seas are rising, moon blood-red
volcanoes erupt on the ocean bed
i want more, still more

gyroscopes spinning behind my eyes
feel like i'm weightless,
far beyond space and time

i'm struck by lightning, heart attack
your kiss of life will bring me back
come here, i want more, clear through paradise

show me the way...

stay here, don't go away
i need so much more from you
nurse me in sickness and in health
you can stand me on the burning bridge

it's head on love, leave me no way out
take me far beyond the edge
deliver me, i yearn so much
i'm exploding with my feelings now...

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