Mortal Sinful Wrath de Human Fortress

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Mortal Sinful Wrath
Mortal Sinful Wrath

[L: Parcharidis / M: Parcharidis, Marquardt]

Oh, cleansing indignation - Oh, flame of righteous wrath
Give me a soul to fell thee and follow in thy path
Save me from selfish virtue - Arm me for the fearless fight
And give me strength to carry on as a soldier of the right

I was that man who held honour of my lords
In a bloody fight I added to the gore
I was servant to my King - May heaven bless his name
A nobler soul I never knew nor saw a bolder King

I follow in thy golden path - With mortal sinful wrath

The mighty men of ancient days are sleeping in the dust
The kingdoms of the earth are sunk into great abyss
Where worms forsake the carcass when there's no savior left
Who's that man that feels ashamed in the hour of last breath?

Justice and chivalry imbred amongst five more
Seven knightly virtues imparted within
Brave hearts far flung beneath the troops of war
Enslaved by slavery armour - Fear of deadly sin that I hold within


A knight's honour and strength rests upon faith
His God foremost and the passion for his land
I pray for righteousness and that my body last to stand
While fighting along my way - My predestined path

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