Sacral Fire de Human Fortress

Letra da musica Sacral Fire de Human Fortress

Sacral Fire
Sacral Fire

L: Parcharidis, Tammen / M: Parcharidis, Wolf, Zaios]

In the night the fire burns unholy bastards
It shines so bright the hellfire on earth
If they refuse they will perish in the flames
Their mouth will scream when their soul enters hell

The filthy folk around the stake cheers each time when the cries fill the air
Nobles dance and celebrate her pain - Time is nonexistent here
Only the expanse of darkness enlighten the torture den

In sacral fire - Burn Lucifer's breed
Sacral fire - Burns the evil seed
Sacral fire - The serpent shall bleed
As a willing tool of our God we succeed

Black eyes are glowing - Black blood is boiling
Flames are on her back that clean her away from this ground
Her sight and her smell - She's a mirror of hell
Now Lucifer's daughters no longer there

Confess your sins - Denounce the God that leads you astray
Drop to your kness before the judge and pray
Burn with burn - Drag her screaming into the light
Expose her for, for what she trully is

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