Last night a lady came knocking at my door
Knock knock open up, ain't seen her before
What's your name she said to me, you look the playful kind
I an the angel you require come to waste your time

So i took some time to cool out, chase away the fear
A man comes up to offer me some heavy smoking gear
I said no thanks a lot, i don't shoot that stuff
He looked mad, a gun came out, no ain't good enough
Stop and look around, or maybe you won't get much older
People with ambition, there is danger round the corner

Some people live on the streets by night
And calm with a charm of a gun
Some people live on the streets alright
And calm with a charm of a gun

In this world we're living in, a very narrow line
Separates sanity we cross it all the time
If by chance the lunatic, should get the final vote
This can be your serenade, i will row the boat
If you're passing through you better keep your engine running
Keep from asking questions if you want to keep on living

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