Private Party de Klymaxx

Letra da musica Private Party de Klymaxx

Private Party

You asked me to you house to join the party,
You say it's meant for me and only you.
On my way there wondering what's in store for me,
Knew you sexy body would take control of me.

A private party....
It's meant for only two
A private party
It means me and you
A private party
With no one else around
A private party
I don't need no guest when love comes down.

You know i don't

Slipped into the sexy dress i bought for you,
I put on my lace garter and silk stockings too.
Sprayed my body with the scent that turns you on,
The feelings that i feel for you are oh so strong.

A private party
The champaign is chilling
A private party
Baby, you know i'm willing
A private party
Too give my love to you
A private party
There's no room for no one but you.

Cooley, give me a groove i can undress too.

You asked me to your house too join the party
You said it's meant for me and you alone
Passion lingers from the love that we just made
The feelings that i feel will last for ever and a

A private party.....

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