Hope de Lack Of Limits

Letra da musica Hope de Lack Of Limits

Thousands of years of mankind history were a constant run
Compared to that the last hundred years
An incredible development we've done
Six thousant million people struggle
For the cake named earth we eat
So if we want food tomorrow the entire world we need
But in twenty years there'll be ten thousant million
And in fifty years there'll be twenty thousant millon
And then comes the day after that day

Never lose hope, no matter what will come
We will see a new morning dawn
Let's never lose hope for our world, no matter what will come
I'm not sure, but I hope, that we will survive
And we'll see a new morning dawn

So many people want to play at the top
The run for knowledge and power
We can fly to the moon, meanwhile we forgot the uniqueness
Of a lonely flower
We're inquire the outside, but inside the evil is waiting
So if we don't learn the right to deal with ourselves
The result won't be more than nothing

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