Darkest Hour (Feat. No Malice) de Lecrae

Letra da musica Darkest Hour (Feat. No Malice) de Lecrae

Darkest Hour (Feat. No Malice)
Darkest Hour (Feat. No Malice)

[Verse 1: No Malice]
Lord have mercy and pity on your son
From what I once was, to what I have become
Forgive me for my past and the noses left numb
As I'm led down this path to the beat of a different drum
Fee-fi-fo-fum I'm conquering my giants
And all by my lonesome I'm conquering Goliath
I cut it on the buyers, now I trade in the triple beams
I'm Tebow to the game and I done traded teams
The slate is clean and ever since I've been delivered
My flow got em guessing like rock paper scissors
Before the feds came we were already prisoners
32 years made us all reconsider
The holy ghost in us, so whoever got a gripe
Prove the devil's alive and well, Tyler got it right
How long can you live with your hands up in the white?
Jesus or the Judge? They both offer you life

[Hook x2: Lecrae]
I fall on my knees when I rise
Thank him for my breath, opening my eyes
When I leave my home, if I meet my demise
Even the darkest day will see the sun rise

[Verse 2: Lecrae]
Come as you are is what they told me, so I paid attention
And I ain't wore a suit to church since Jordan was a Wizard
Father forgive em they betrayed us with a kiss (mwah)
Hate what they can't understand, I'm so ambiguous
I spazzed on the pharaoh, the pathway is narrow
Eye of the bull on my back, looking for an arrow
Lying like I wasn't tempted by that double barrel
If gangstas don't dance, why you tappin' with the devil?
My two left feet won't let me dance to his beat
Sick of livin' in Hell and I'm allergic to the heat (it's cold)
And imperative you listen to my narrative
They sellin' false hope like a sedative
I don't think the world is aware of it
Maybe they don't care a bit
They think we all fam but it's relative
Try to think my flow is irrelevant but they don't know a thing
Crucify me next to thieves, I'm still gon' rise a king (Crae)

[Hook x2: Lecrae]

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