Kill The King de Leprechaun

Letra da musica Kill The King de Leprechaun

Kill The King
Kill The King

Our spirit is strong but our bodies are weak
Although we have strength to defeat history
We cannot be challenged by swords or by spears
Our corpses may fall but our thoughts will live
Our enemies’ forces have been underestimating our hearts
In the top of a great castle lives a pedant little man
He is far away from sanity ‘cause his crown fucked up his brain
And he also wrote the laws people always must obey
So they gave up their dignity for their food and for some drink
But the people are united and united they shall be
And they’re sick of live in silence and in tears
Yes the people are united and united they shall be
And they have so many powers in their grips
Burn the fucking castle
Shoot the fucking queen
I just want to kill the king
And we all have heard the legend about the future of this land
Written by that kind of hypocrite we spend our lives to serve
But this story of vassals and suzerains will have an end
When their castles made of rock face our gentle heart of steel

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