Boys Will Be Boys de Malvina Reynolds

Letra da musica Boys Will Be Boys de Malvina Reynolds

Boys Will Be Boys
Boys Will Be Boys

Because they are bigger and make more noise
Boys will be boys will be boys.
Girls are little and squeak like a mouse
So they stay at home and keep house.
And if they talk, no matter how little,
They're told to shut up you talk too much,
And if they holler so they can be heard,
They are called a dyke or unladylike
Or a butch, or a bitch,
No matter which.

Speak out, my sister.
Holler if you have to
Raise a blister
In somebody's ear.
Make them hear, make them hear
Whether they like it or not.
And if they won't love you because of that,
You might even discover
How well you can manage without that big, strong,
Loud speaking he man lover.

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