Galaxy de Malvina Reynolds

Letra da musica Galaxy de Malvina Reynolds

You don't care about me,
Way out there, Galaxy,
I don't care what the sages said in the Middle Ages,
You don't care about me.

You are beautiful at night,
And that's right,
I'm a bright bit of dust
And the stars are no more,
And my soul wasn't set by a star.
It grew like a flower in the earth of the Tribes,
It's a flower that I prize,
Like the independent stars in the skies.


Aquarius and Pisces are light years gone,
I'm a child of the warmth of the Sun,
Like the bug and the panther
And I flourish that way,
With the whale and the falcon
And the jay and the bee,
I rejoice in your sight,
But I follow my own light,


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