She Got Lost de Malvina Reynolds

Letra da musica She Got Lost de Malvina Reynolds

She Got Lost
She Got Lost

She got lost cause there was no one by her.
In the eyes of the passing faces there was no reflection.
So she knew she wasn't there or anywhere.
She got lost.

She got lost. The sidewalk was her treadmill.
She was walking, she was walking, but never changing.
She was a hole in the air. Not anything,

If there had been a hand to hold to
She would have believed she was a hand,
Close and warm in the body of a palm.

If there has been a passing laughter,
She would have thought she was two lips
Smiling alive in a kiss that drifted by.

You'll see her floating in the water,
Just a hole in the water.
She got lost.

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