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What Happens To Me
What Happens To Me

Everyday I think about you
All the time, crazy for you
Tell myself again and again
I'll be patient but then

I feel you deep in my heart
Sell my soul for just one part
Could it be, ooh, that's easy
After all you've said to me

You broke my confidence
Took it all, why can't you see
Makes no different to you, it seems
What happens to me

Everyday i wake without you
One more way to face what is true
Life goes on what else can i do
You're not here, cause you don't need me


Never had to worry
Didn't need to care
Said you really loved me
But you're not there

Everyday when I think about you
Like a prayer to child is new
In my thoughts you'll always be
The only one who could make me happy

Chorus x2

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