I Come.com de Miss Kittin

Letra da musica I Come.com de Miss Kittin

I Come.com
I Come.com

This is a new wildlife form speaking through a wireless microphone
I am titanium babe addicted child of your wireless internet.

I am a creation of your musical progress of technology.
The ancient net-world is gone. You say it's gone. Shit.

Fingertips sticked on the keys I engage a new virtual touch of sensuality.
Blue eyes on the digital screen I experiment a top secret optical system of visual excitement.
I see.com I see.com

On my walls, projection of subliminal messages to increase
a new era of female interactive intuition.
And life is a data gas I breathe wireless.
You are the creator of my inner life network soundtrack.
I com.com.
I com.com.

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