Girl lately i been thinkin' bout
The times that i shared with you
And there's something that i figured out
Darlin' you must have been heaven sent
There isn't nothing better than
The things that you say and do, no
So why do I feel I'm being played for a fool
Cause whenever you call on me i come through for you
But when i need ya you can't seem to uhh do the same for me
And i love that you pay yo phone no mind when we're alone
But sometimes when i try to reach ya
I wonder if ya just busy or you don't know that it's me

Cause you love me don't ya
I know you do
Cause of all the wonderful things that you put me through
I know you love me cause i love you too
So tell me why is it I having thoughts about you

Now everyday when you're around
You always cater to my needs
Like you seem to be concerned if I'm
Eating or sleeping properly
It has to be the greatest thing
To know the one you love,loves you back
Or is the love you have for me really true or is it just a act
Cause when youre hard at work and when im hard at work
and we cant talk we just page each other with our sexually wishes
but when were spending quality time and yo pager rings I wonder
who could it be when you answer laughing at your reply
or is it I'm just being suspicious

Chorus 1x

now maybe im just a hopeless romantic
for these matters of the heart and soul
I hope we can grow to raise our family
Honest and trust and happiness and love

Chorus 2x

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