Tell these bi***es that im not the one,
Some of them might get away but im poppin one,
Im on the back of the bike just cockin gunz,
German helmet pumps and versace stunz,

I am the ninja,, bi*** named ginga, hope
Sumbody got a couple limbs they can lend ya,
Cause im the president,,run up in ya resident,
Say hello to the....baddest bi*** yu ever met,

B b b, b b b sawdoff followed by the mobs bird
Pump wen I cum threw it get hotter then a soup kitchen,
I leave clips in ya head like a beautician, I hit one,,
You hit one,, dat means 2 alive,(woof)
And if they cum back to queens dats a suicide,(woof)
I got sum killaz betta tell these bi***es
Who am I,(woof) in italy already chillin with the tour guide.

b b b. b b b b b b take dat wit yu
All the way down b b b. b b b b b b up up up
Nd away cuz I dont play clown b b b. b b b b b b
Take dat wit yu all the way down
B b b. b b b b b b up up up nd away cuz I dont play clown

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