As I move on this dark road where
These lights slowly disappear, oh
The past behind, all I've left there
This time someone please find me

Paintings of the left, and pictures on the right
Different reasons for this life
I feel all these truths, impure in what they do
They won't save me tonight

Audio, it brings us to our knees
Makes the air fill with our fears
This red light, please show me the way

Staring at my shoes, questions fill my mind
This road and uncertainty
Light fills up inside, I become hard to find
So, I close my eyes and breathe
Oh, will we finally look into our eyes
And speak with true honesty?
I'll dress up tonight and make you realize
Tomorrow's all we need

Loneliness, cover all the tears
Makes the air fill with my fears
Imperfection makes my life clear

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