Traveller's Rest de Nucleus Torn

Letra da musica Traveller's Rest de Nucleus Torn

Traveller's Rest
Traveller's Rest

you and I - hear it bleed
in a desperate broken song
empty hands - grander loss
the soulless banished here it seems

then I heard you whispering
you shivering voice on the darkened wind
"sad grey oblivion"
escape this sane hell and logic grim

with bare feet misled
on bare rocks and iron sheds
long since falling down
down to see one's foreign self
under torn cover shriek
wrathless sun naked and bright
bleed the scourge of sleep
carving pale scents of escape

actor of decay
godless seraphim hate
iron plan of death
hammers melting souls to dust
blackened paths to take
smelt the stale stench of grey
irredeemably lost
"witness oblivion"
you said

eyes are shut, never touch the sun
traveller, has awakened and
his words sing, ruin and turmoil
and vast long bygone bliss

seems to bury the lie
still rest your shivering voice within
modern utopias through leather through skin
driven mad the ignorant blindfolded lamb

restless scornful tongue
words pass silence and
stricken immobile
red my crushed lids made
bitter dissonance
taste anguish collapse
how far, still you run
"no escape - hush"
scattered, broken

onward to merciless stars lights undarkened
onward now until sunshine brings gravity's failing
onward and climbing still among rotten trees and poisoned weeds
onward on burnt ground to stumble blind through such ravished woods
arid a plain's glow repulsive ahead
the sky's lid gives way to her beckoning look
unravel the secrets of death decay
I stare with a pale glance at her shimmering bloodshot eye

raging she stabs once more
my cyanide heroin
a sting if grew deep down
thrust into lungs open wide
sucking with anger
one second of rust
the pure nothing
stolen by night's grace

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