Just like a star that can't be seen
From your city at night
You can't build a wall as high or steep
As mountains have climbed
Cuz these aren't owned
And never will be
So keep going on replacing each
Until the lonely shores retreat
And ocean's refined

It happens all the time
You measured the holes you made between
The land that you dried
But these aren't all the lakes and fields
You came here to find
You live in a corner
That faces away
Not in a world with shades of gray
And while the whirlwind shakes your feet
Another's arrived

It happens all the time
An old design that can't be traced
Or shown on walls to contemplate
If ever there was only one escape route

Past the golden train
Moving through the plains
Ever since it came
We've been living strange
And i've forgotten time

As soon as the ghosts return from sleep
There's nothing alive
Cuz you made the roads and mazes deep
For all you can hide
A treasure to keep
And never be shared
To breathe in a fortune as in air (an heir)
Until the moon and sun can meet
They'll follow you blind

A never ending sight
The new recruit to end the war
Has soldiers with, they're sending more
The cavalry is making sure

No one can stop the golden train
Lines are built and rails can carry you
Past those who would surely bury you
Animals have scared and run from men
Crossed the sea to never think again

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