Challenges de Peroxwhy?gen

Letra da musica Challenges de Peroxwhy?gen


The challenges of the exit-the challenges of the entry-
I'm on my way-to a uneek day-
Where the sun-don't shine the same.
It's all new-it's a new view.
Uneek way-i've took to stay!
Longer than-i have before-
Before i had-an open door-
Into you-and your strange way-
Where the moon-don't glow the same!

The challenges of the exit!
The challenges of re-entry!
Challenger-why must you command?
I train with you on pluto as an upper hand
In your goals-and your atmosphere!
Challenger-i like it here!

The challenges of the exit-the challenges of the entry!
Nothing to say-on this boring day-
Where all kind-still act the same!
It's all old-at least it seems!
Uneek no more-uneek alwayz-
And then some-i've took to weigh!
Lighter than-when on my way!
Out of you-and your old day!
Where the you-will never change!

You challenge me-well i command we do it!
We challenge all-as in the world or who is willing!
Challenges are aggressive invitations to a party-
In which you become the life of!

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