A rocky road
A heavy load
Got you wondering
If you'll ever get over
Your journey slow
Your faith is low
And you wonder who
Will take the time
To get you back on your feet
Turn your bitter to sweet
Jesus knows
All the burdens you must bear
He will take the time to care

Anybody got a heart
That will not mend
Are you trying to live a life
You can't defend?
Are you in a battle that
You just can't win?
Bring it to Jesus
Anybody got a problem
They can't solve
Anybody got a hole
In their resolve
Remember in His hand
The world revolves
Bring it to Jesus

You only learn
When you've been burned
Aren't you wondering
If you'll ever get over?
What will it take?
One more mistake?
Aren't you worried
How you waste your time?
You think nobody can see
Camouflage misery
But Jesus knows
All those things
You hide from Him
He died for every one of them
Cast your every care on Him

Repeat Chorus

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