Alive de Pocket Full Of Rocks

Letra da musica Alive de Pocket Full Of Rocks

There was a time I was dead inside
You called my name and I'd try to hide
My heart was dark and so full of shame, full of shame
But like the dawning of a brand new day
Your love has chased my shame away
How amazing now to hear You singing over me, over me

Loudly I'll sing, loudly I'll live
Giving you all I have to give
Until the world knows the love that's made me so alive, I'm alive, I'm alive, yeah

Well every day I find Your mercy new
And every moment that I spend with You
I am overwhelmed by grace I can't keep to myself, to myself

Out of my sorrow, out of my night
You called me into glorious light
Where all of the lost, lonely and broken
Find Your light, shine Your light

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