Blue Beretta de Princess Superstar

Letra da musica Blue Beretta de Princess Superstar

Blue Beretta
Blue Beretta

I was drivin downtown in my blue Beretta
Wonderin' why people use Velveeta steada cheddar
Reach down to flip the tape yeah I musta ran a redda
The cop pulled me over and he said...
"Hey aren't you Concetta?!!"

Like Davy I'm a believer
Like stolen goods I'm a comin to seize ya
I don't want you to get the wrong idea
But I got more fingers than Jerry Garcia...
See ya!

I got more answers to your questions than Alex Trebec
And if I was a sandwich I'd be triple deck
It's the high-tech section of your audio selection
Put down the white-out chump I don't need no correction
Takin MC's out like Barclay vs. Barney
Go to Mount Airy Lodge where my host is named Marney
MC's try to dis but they can't touch these solos
If you wanna come correct, be like Mike D. go to the movies,
Eat some Rolos

I never take intermissions
I got more rhymes than John's got Peel sessions
I'm peanut butter and my man is Fluff
Wrap the Wonder Bread around us
We never get enough

Yo peace to....etc

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