Bump Your Ass Off de Princess Superstar

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Bump Your Ass Off
Bump Your Ass Off

Me and my girls were looking for the party
Sippin on Shirls, Cherry 7, no Bacardi
There's that new club in town (the Ass Palace)
Word, and they patted us down
Looked around crazy lights flash fog on the ground
The place was weird and it gets weirder still for real
On the Ceil, I couldnt tell but
Floatin there, a girl in some fake ass Gucci underwear
Naked, gold skin bare
Aint no joke (Did you toke?)
Nah I didnt smoke, she spoke, told us to take our pants off
I'm like Nope! Everyone was trance dancin with their hands up
I still had my pants up But then she go.
Sweep your feet with the beat unique get what you really need
Follow the beat faster than Superman speed
Rock the beat shakin the butt on the cuts beat it Billy Jean beat on the butt
Simon says Get the fuck up My Pharoah Monchi chi
How you soft and cuddly
Pourin all them big boobed bitches bubbly
Shake funnily nuff bitch for two chew chew bless you twin boo how they call me?
Peppermint Doubly

Everybody get upTake your pants off
Everybody get upBump your ass off
Bump bump your ass off

Check the panoply, a bubbly butt in the back of me
Cacophony of butt smacks 'n happy cackiling
Ass grappelling All happening while I'm didact-a-ing
Keep practicing
ChessT: What she sayin?
Princess: Stop thinkin, just dig in
ChessT-shake your Big-uns
It's just the beginnin remove linens all the womens
Grab your men 'ns freak like Richa

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