My Machine de Princess Superstar

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My Machine

if you had a machine that could make you into anything you wanted to be, like anything, what would you be?

let's see
i want to be the queen no i want to be 19 wait no i wanna be that horrible thing i saw last night in my dream oh i know! i want to be a supermodel she's european
a lean sex fiend oh thank god i can finally fit in those dumb jeans
poof then it was me
i was her
I waited for something fabulous to occur
somethin/ marvelous and absurd
i waited there was nothing
but i was something
gorgeous crazy wealth and I could always reach the top of the supermarket shelf
all of a sudden I was no longer the model or myself
i must have thought about being a stupid box of cereal up on that stupid shelf
boring wondered whether i would wait forever
I guess I was a brand that wasn't adequately advertised on tv ever
but it got better
apparently a parent and a child threw me in a cart
it was hard I was smothered covered by a world of pop tarts
and a part of the newspaper that scared me, i think it was the pop charts
and i wish i was a cereal that..that. wasn't so smart

do you want to step inside my machine?

we all got home and they put me in the fridge
damn why didnt they keep their cereal out so I could at least see where they lived
but i could hear them and it seemed like they were happy
when the kid wasn't napping she was always laughing
i felt jumpy my bran was crackling
i was grabbed along with the milk put in a bowl
it was dark /a black hole / must have been the kid's mouth/ i dont know
and in i went
down the throat past the tongue by her heart by her lungs
and i could see she might be dying young
so i tried to patch it up with an old piece of gum that was there
but the damage was done disease had won it wasn't fair
but I wasn't gonna be the one that lost her
i wasn't a doctor
and i wasn't
a name on the list of somebodys roster
why bother
and by that time i was already out the other end
in the toilet with milk
you know my old friend from the fridge from way back when and then
we got sucked down into the pipes
what a crappy life
machine that's really not right

do you want to step inside my machine?

I cant stand it i said machine why are we here?
and it paused and said 'to play video games and drink beer'
that's weird you're subversive I thought we had a deeper purpose underneath the surface why do so many of us feel worthless
the machine said don't ask me ask your magazines
people and teen and loads of shit people dont need i started to bleed
and said just make me into bandaid the size of a giant pancake
wrap me around the whole world to heal the heartache
and if anyone's hungry well
they could just eat me or I'll be a peace treaty and no one could ever defeat me
it said chill out girl remember being on the shelf
i seem to remember you kind of just / wanted to be yourself
no. i wanted someone to pick me, to love me, to be the greatest brand
i dont understand i was just trying to comprehend man
oh you wanted the grand scheme the big plan the answer aha well here it is -

and then it turned off and that was it
because you see the machine
never really did exist

do you want to step inside my machine?

would you be a doctor
would you be a rocker
would you be a parka keepin someone warm in a lock up
would you be a marker
that signed the constitution would you start a revolution or just play some pro soccer
how about a stalker
if you were a father
would you be good at all or would you even bother
be a beautiful girl or someone that could call her
would you be a good talker
stealth bomber
what about osama
just to see what it feels like
cuz we all love to live in drama

be a big movie star
fancy ass houses big car
doin lots of drugs fuckin up an break laws
be a fat man plumbers butt hangin out the drawers
would you fight for a cause
chew on people like jaws
instigate wars push the button
would you be something
or middle class average with
ok marriage
1.3 baby carriage
2 cars garage

would you be president
would you be american
would you be be better than everyone else as a representative
would you be a monkey
would you feel lucky
would you be a big dick always fucking
would you be a pumpkin
would it be your brain inside a vegetable
or would you feel nothing

would you manage or would you suffer
would you be a lover
be a fighter
or would you just be alright
could you just be alright

and if all this could come true
would you be ready
would I be ready if I was you?

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