Lullaby (Feat. Tori Kelly) de Professor Green

Letra da musica Lullaby (Feat. Tori Kelly) de Professor Green

Lullaby (Feat. Tori Kelly)
Lullaby (Feat. Tori Kelly)

All the times I have layed in your life
When your love kept me safe through the night
All the time, I was sure you were mine
And before time demands our goodbye
Can you sing me a last lullaby?

It's been a while since I last dreamt
Barely remember what it's like to dream
Finding it hard to get to sleep, too stressed
And there ain't anyone to sing a lullaby to me
Pretend shit doesn't get to me
And I suffer in silence when I'm hurting
A man's problems are his own
And it's my burden
Tossing and turning, trying to get to sleep
But I find it hard to switch off when my mind's working
I ponder on things I shouldn't ponder on
Off the rails, my train of thought's wandering
Sick of pretending to be so happy
All the while my anxiety's away at me
My skin crawling, I look up to the sky
And it falls, the walls close in and it's
As if all of the good in my life disappears
In an instant, that thing is just so distant
So seeing the ones who I love, the ones who love me
But I don't wanna tell em how I feel in case they judge me
It's just me, wish I could let somebody in
But I ain't ever been too trusting

I've barely had any sleep when I get up
Sick of all these nightmares and these night terrors
Like it's only when I'm in heaven that I sleep better
Might sleep better when I get up, I'm weak
It just makes my day harder, I wonder if
It would've been any different if I had a father that I knew
Could it have helped shape the way that I grew?
But the point of things I never have went from
Being a reason for the things that I do
To just being an excuse that I'd use
I've gotta take responsibility for the things I do
Find something other than negativity for my fuel
But I feed off it, even when I don't seem bothered
I hide everything that's going on inside
It's been a while since I've been honest, I need help
But I deny it and even lie to myself like I'm fine

I just wish someone would tell me it would be OK
But pessimism leads me to believe that it won't
To see even a glimmer of hope in the darkness
Is hard and depression is a slippery slope
I don't wanna do what my dad did with a rope, though
So I carry on even though it's hard to
The only thing that's definite is death and things always change
As long as you give em a chance to
(Can you sing me a last lullaby?)

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