Ambulances de Rob Bailey

Letra da musica Ambulances de Rob Bailey


Take the bodies out
Take the bodies out
Take the bodies out
Call the ambulances

I'm digging out your grave
And let rats eat away at your carcass
You swimmin' in the water where the sharks is
And it's about to get ugly, retarded
I'ma give ‘em what they want, you ready?
Haters bout to get mad, they jelly
Cuz I'm in this, and you ain't
The Hustle Standard, Rob Bailey, yeah
They tell me i'm out of my mind
But homie I'm fine, tryin'
Get out of the grind I'm one out of five
I ain't even got time to die, homie
That's cuz I'm bona fide
Modified to bring hell, homicides
Collar, ties - anyone who wants to try
I'll leave the beat dead like its Columbine
I'm proud of mine
This is the heart of rap
Rap in the back with a beat and let the beast out
Until the beat stops like a heart attack
so let me tell ‘em what I'm gonna do
Fuck the world with no rubber too
I'm from New York, south side, bitch
Reppin' hard, we coming thru

Pull up in the Nissan Sentra
Hundred thousand miles, this whip will last forever
2 bedroom apartment in the Bronx, backyard and a porch
Barbequing every weekend like it's the fourth
Been married for a year, life is feeling great
we just got a cat, no babies on the way, hey
I'm doin' it my way
I could go outside right now and play basketball all day
I'm not white-boy rich, but I'm happy as shit
And that's sayin' a lot considering where I've been
But fuck the passed, I sleep well at night
Cuz I'm about that life, boy, I'm about that life
I'm about to tear it up, now

Everybody back up
I run this

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