Your Call de Secondhand Serenade

Letra da musica Your Call de Secondhand Serenade

Waiting for your call, i'm sick,
Call i'm angry
Call i'm desperate for your voice
I'm listening to the song we used to sing
In the car, do you remember?
Butterfly, early summer
It's playing on repeat,
Just like when we would meet (like when we would meet)

Cause i was born to tell you i love you
And i am torn to do what i have to,
To make you mine
Stay with me tonight

Stripped and pollished,
I am new, i am fresh
I am feeling so ambitious,
You and me, flesh to flesh
Cause every breath that you will take
When you are sitting next to me
Will bring life into my deepest hopes,
What's your fantasy?


And i'm tired of being all alone, and this solitary moment makes
Me want to come back home x4
(I know everything you wanted isn't anything you have)


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