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Air Trailer
Air Trailer

Leo is on the Air!

This is your Hollywood radio reporter, coming to you from the little
theatre in the Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios.

One of these days someone will write a history of motion pictures
It's going to be an exciting story of dreams and ambitions, of hard
work and faith, of disappointments and overnight triumphs
It will be a story of unusual people...
And away up top and important,
you will read about a young lady who is here now
You will meet her in a moment
But first I want to tell you something about her

She made her first appearance in 1928
She was born that year on April 23rd
For her the years of obscurity were few
In 1932 she made her motion picture debut
You liked her, in fact, you raved about her
By 1934 she had become motion picture's No1 attraction
You and your next door neighbor were completely captivated,
when you saw her as, Little Miss Marker

Before the year was over you had gone back to your favorite theatre,
to see Stand Up and Cheer, Baby Take a Bow, Bright Eyes
That same year, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences
Bestowed upon her a special award for her outstanding contribution to the screen
She has appeared in 20 hit pictures since then
Pictures like Little Colonel, Captain January, The Littlest Rebel
And The Little Princess

You've laughed with her, yes
And you cried with her too
You'll remember her best as a chubby curly head
Well you should see her today, quite tall, poised, still smiling
Here she is now.
Ladies and Gentlemen
Miss Shirley Temple

Thank you Shirley, thank you for a swell job.
And after this I won't object to answering the questions.
Ladies and Gentlemen, you've been listening to Shirley Temple,
Herbert Marshall and Gail Patrick in several scenes from the motion
picture, "Kathleen".
This is your Hollywood radio reporter saying, thank you for listening.

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