When I Grow Up de Shirley Temple

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When I Grow Up
When I Grow Up

I get a terr'ble awful ache
Specially when it rains
At first I was a fraidy cat
but now I know its growing pains
Gosh oh gee, can't you see
I'll soon be grown up tall
So Ive got to think what I will be
When I'm no longer small

When I grow up
In a year or two or three
I'll be happy as can be
Like a birdie in the tree

When I grow up
There's a lot I want to do
I will have real dollies too
Like the woman in the shoe

I want to be a teacher
So the children can say
Teacher dear the gang's all here
With apples today

When I grow up
I will have a big surprise
For I'll bake the kind of pies
That will make you roll your eyes

And if you see
That you need some company
You can call me up and I'll come down
When I grow up

When I am sweet sixteen
I'm going to a ball
Of all the ladies there
I'd like to be the best of all
I'll wear a dress of silver lace
They'll call me Princess Curly
I'll be like Cinderella
'Cept I won't get home so early

I want to meet a handsome prince
With a uniform of gold
But I won't lose my slippers
'Cause my tootsies might get cold
I'll talk of queens and dance with kings
Like a little princess would
But if I could only - I'll be good

When I'm twentyone
I wish that I could look
Like a picture that I saw
In a pretty story book

A lady all dressed up in white
With flowers in her hand
And such a veil I never saw
The biggest in the land

Four little girls were standing there
Much tinier than me
And they all carried baskets
They looked happy as can be

Everyone was smiling
And having lots of fun
I wish that I could be like that
When I am twentyone

When I get very very old
I'll stay at home all day
But I haven't quite made up my mind
Its much too far away

I think that I would like to be
Like the lady on the wall
She looks so nice and comfy
In her rocking chair and all

That little cap upon her head
She looks real pretty too
I like her long and funny dress
I like her hair don't you

It must be oh so quiet
You can hear the tick of the clock
But it must be fun to have nothing to do
But rock and rock and rock

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