You`re My Everithing de Slaughter

Letra da musica You`re My Everithing de Slaughter

You`re My Everithing
You`re My Everithing

Travelin' down life's empty highway
I kept lookin' for a miracle there
you were lookin' at me
Used to be, used to be, used
to be so discouraged
And then suddenly I realized you are my destiny
But now I know whatever happens come what may
Now the sun is shining brighter
It's gettin' better everyday

Every night when the sun goes down
All I want is to be around you
With every single beat of my heart
You're my everything
I cannot believe all the empty hearted
I see the people in their everyday world
With you here by my side
Even though it gets real hard
We'll find a way to reach the stars
In life and in love forever we'll always be

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