Solution: Burn It! de Sons Of An Illustrious Father

Letra da musica Solution: Burn It! de Sons Of An Illustrious Father

Solution: Burn It!

She's gonna burn you once again
An old, familiar friend who puts a red hot ember upon your lip,
She'll hurt you till it ends, and one day it ends
So go, and cry, and cry upon your mother's shoulder
She'll make a spark within the dark,
Sing her infinite whizzed like a lark
She's your first and your last
God said: I'm gonna burn you just for a second
In flaming fire today
And you'll strain to stand this man and his tribe, when you see it's over
Broken tribe, bloody clan
A poor glistening child stand up again
So go cry, cry, cry, upon my shoulder
And I'll love you all the more, you're everything that I adore!
You're everything and when

Listen here
She's gonna burn you once again
She's done it before and he'll do it again
The father (father),
The father (father),
The father,
The father of civilized man!
This time she's gunning for the end!
So go and cry, cry upon you mother's weary shoulder
And she don't want you anymore
Unless of course you take up love in off your arms and stand and defend someone's
And say:
And it's you,
It’s you (5x)
Say: it’s you
It’s you
It’s you
And it’s you, and it’s you, and it’s you

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