Out Here In California de The Sequence

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Out Here In California
Out Here In California

and she said
i like the way it is oh
out here in california
some day i'll
find my way
think twice and let it sink in
like a note with a photograph

that makes you wanna stay

who would've guessed that a poet and a
would end up a liar and a tool
no one's expecting much at all
need to be alone
with words that you will never know inside

and farther down
keep spinning in circles
so kiss me now
and i
will tell you

and i break
at the sound of the morning
the sound's so
alarming to hear
maybe life is not so bad
in another time would you still
call my name
cause i can't hear you

i can't stop
holding your grudge
its what i'm not
part of your falling out
all this time
we settle for

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