Taking A Chance de The Strawbs

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Taking A Chance
Taking A Chance

You come knocking at my door
'Cause no-one wants you around
Should I swallow my pride
Forget what happened before
When I found out
You were fooling around with my feelings
And messing around with my heart
Now you come here saying we can make a new start.

I don't need you now
I believe I don't know how
You can say that we're forever
We've been apart too long
You know what went wrong
You left me with nothing to believe in.

Once there was a time
I'd always follow you 'round
I believed in us
And every word you said
'Til I found out
You were out on the town with my best friend
But I was the last one to know
Did you honestly think a love like that could grow.

You know you made a fool of me
Nothing can change that now
Hanging onto a dream of how it used to be
Taking a chance, hoping it all works out.

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