Supernaut de Turisas

Letra da musica Supernaut de Turisas


I want to reach out
And touch the sky
I want to touch the sun
But I don't need to fly

I'm gonna climb up
Every mountain on the moon
And find the deeds to run
Away with the spoon

Come on!

I've crossed the ocean, turned every bin
I found the plastic on the golden rainbow's end
I've seen through magic and through life reality
I've lived a thousand years and never found the key

Here we fucking go, come on!

[Solo: Wickström, Skog]

What is Supernaut anyway?
They have like, astronauts and um, taikonauts and spationauts.
Maybe it's from Sweden
IKEA's from Sweden
They have great meatballs in IKEA. I like meatballs.
Meatballs come from cows. I once saw a cow in Denmark.
Maybe it's from Denmark...

Got no religion
Don't need no friends
Got all I want
And I don't need to pretend

Don't try to reach me
'Cause I'd tear up your mind
I've seen the future
And I've left it behind

Come on!

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