The Messenger de Turisas

Letra da musica The Messenger de Turisas

The Messenger
The Messenger

I saddle my horse as fast as I can
"The message is urgent, find the man!"
The camp soon vanishes out of my sight
As I rush my black steed into the night

I am the messenger of fate
I spur on my horse, the hour is late
I am the herald, I am the sign
My only enemy is time

Hooves hit the rocky ground
The clatter echoes all around
Alone I ride, come what may
The stars in the nightsky guide my way today

On my arrival, will you welcome me?
The sign is given, can't you see?

All hail the Messenger
Strong by heart, wind or rain
Won't stop the Messenger
The news are on the way

The faith of man lies in my hands

At last I fly through the gate
Men, woman, children... "Out of my way!"
Up the winding alley with fury I ride
I jump off my horseback and push the doors aside

All hail the Messenger
Strong by heart...

You are the Messenger
Strong by heart...

Fate now lies in your own hands

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