Echoes de Warning

Letra da musica Echoes de Warning


I think of mornings we might spend
If I came home to find you there
Both talking freely of ourselves
Or sleeping through the break of day
And so much honesty
That's why I never feel the pain
And in my weakest moments
I often look that way again

I think of evenings we might spend
If you stayed home to find me there
Reaching across a distance
With all the hurt that's in our lives
And if it came to be
I would not understand the pain
And in my darkest moments
I want to feel that way again

And I know that I'm wrong, I know that I'm wrong
Both casting shadows, there's a light that shines on
But when I look into your eyes I know I'll find it there
So I don't understand the pain I thought was never there
And when I see you smile I know there's something stronger yet
Than any dream I ever placed at someone's feet

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