The Return de Warning

Letra da musica The Return de Warning

The Return
The Return

A dreary winter's night
Rain dismally falls
Its maddening river pounds against
The outside wall
The freezing winds are company
With their nightmare melody
While here in my laboratory
My work is complete
My hands are numb with cold
My body is weak
But months of toil and love for her
Kept driving me

Beyond the windowpane
There lies a world
Which lost forever the
Most beautiful girl

Madness and obsession
The weight of despair
Just the beauty of the dream
Has kept me from death
I need her back so much
I long for those times
But I will grieve no more
I'll give her life
Raise up your pretty head
Open your eyes
Speak to me sweet angel
Please come alive
Please come alive!

And then her eyes are filled with light
With precious care
I run my fingers through her auburn hair
Remember me, speak my name
Do you feel my cold hand touch your face?
Please feel your love for me again
Love me again!

In the dimming light
Her arms around me
Fighting for a breath
As emotion drowns me
Wonder, love and fear
They fill me
As she whispers in my ear
"Please kill me!"

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