The Strength To Dream de Warning

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The Strength To Dream
The Strength To Dream

Lately I feel I'm going under,
And sometimes I don't want to see tomorrow.
All I need is to hold the dream, just to touch the dream,
Can it ever happen?
Oh, your true sincerity, your kindness, means so much to me;
But sometimes it feels like nothing is real
except this pain and dark uncertainty.

Lately I've been feeling more like giving it all away;
There's been a black cloud over me
and now I feel the rain.
My dreams never seem to lead me to the open road;
And cracks have slowly begun to show in the bridge from here to my only goal.

In the ebb of my mind I try to climb the tower of strength
What can fill this cold empty void of what I fear will never be?
I find that I follow pathways that lead me nowhere.

The truth is I am chained to my ideals, and I can't change it;
But something in me yearns to win;
I know real love is there to find us.
If I ever stop believing I'll always find the strength to dream.
But for now depression smiles down upon me;
Oh, what I would give to know you.

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